History of St. John Lutheran Congregation


So, ten years passed, but during those ten years other "missionaries" came, never asking for contributions, praising good works, perverting the doctrine of the Lord's Supper. When our forefathers began to realize that, unless the pure Gospel was preached as zealously as these false teachers were working, it would be lost entirely, they decided to organize a congregation, to buy land, and to build a church.

And so, according to a deed from the Oconto Company, dated August 2, 1886, 40 acres, more or less according to government survey, was purchased approximately near the center of the Town of How. The price of the land a mere (to us) $100.00, but in those days, when a family's cash income for a year might not exceed $50.00, it seemed astronomical.

Accurate records could not be found, but a list of twenty men, who each contributed $5.00 seems to have included:

William BuhrandtFrederick Hischke
Herman YakelAugust Ruch
William BartzJohn Pethke
Edward SuringJohn Venzke
August SchuettpelzChristian Hein
William SchuettpelzFrederick Drewe
Ferdinand SchuettpelzHerman Elfe
Martin SchuettpelzGustave Hischke
Christian ZaddackCarl Kruschke
William SchoessowAugust Buhrandt

Of these, William Buhrandt, August Ruch, and William Bartz were chosen as "elders".

During the winter of 1886, trees were felled on the newly acquired church property and during the summer of 1887 a church was built and furnished by volunteer labor. Except for the small, cheap windows, no money was required. In November it was formally dedicated to the glory of God during a service in charge of Pastor Dicke, wherein Pastor Ebert of Shawano preached the sermon.

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